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About East Kilbride Men’s Shed

East Kilbride Men’s Shed is a community space for people to socialise together. Our members share knowledge, skills, and friendship, all while having fun! We strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, so come and join us to make something great!

Our History

East Kilbride Men’s Shed was founded in 2014, but did not start properly until 2017 when a portacabin in the College Milton corner of the town was offered to the group. From that point the Shed went from strength to strength, building a large extension to the portacabin at the site and growing the membership.

Having built the extension in 2019, COVID struck and the Shed closed by Government order. Then in early 2021, we received the unwelcome news that the operator of the site wanted to close the Shed at College Milton. Membership rallied round and within two weeks, all tools and equipment were put in indefinite storage whilst a new base was sought. Several options, including commercial properties, were considered and the vacant St Leonard’s Hall was found to be available. The help of town councillors and cooperation of South Lanarkshire staff very quickly ensured access to the Hall in March 2022 so the task of rebuilding could begin.

With an enthusiastic membership returning, it wasn’t long before the Shed became fit for purpose and within six months an official opening was held.

St Leonard’s Hall has been very widely welcomed by everyone at East Kilbride Men’s Shed. In a central location with good public transport links, car parking and local shops, it is well placed to serve a very wide community.

Practical activities include computer courses, laser engraving and a developing workshop for both metal and wooden crafts, Our shop is open to the public where we can take orders for custom items, or simply sell the already built items by our members.

We strive to create a safe and welcoming environment to everyone, whilst constantly developing our range of activities to suit member preferences, so why not join us, see what we currently offer, or just simply come along for a chat and a brew.

Our members share knowledge, skills, and friendship - all while having fun!